What exactly is a traveler in the tourism industry? Also, can you suggest or give me the lead to become a full-time traveler as I love travelling?

Answered for Quora

Well, everybody dreams of so. I am a solo traveler and traveling on my own for quite some time. I work in the IT industry but simultaneously I want to make traveling my part-time profession. But, we need to ponder over and consolidate ourselves to establish our identity. A pragmatic approach is needed because several people are running blogs and even YouTube channels nowadays, but to give it a kick-start you should have a travel blog. Never miss the opportunity to capture photos, videos for the content. Make a well-defined itinerary of the place you are visiting to. Just write and give reviews of the destinations you are exploring, something informative and useful for everyone.

Your question is quite inspiring but it would gradually transform into your passion because it requires utmost patience. Besides your tours, you would need to promote your content to bring awareness about your brand to the people. Associate with travel bloggers, write reviews on a platform like google maps, Quora and other travel sites. Contact people who are willing to travel with you. In a nutshell, make a profile full of achievements.

Ultimately, this will help you to prepare a definitive media-kit which you can share with tourism boards- who knows if they sponsor your travels tomorrow. So professional travelers are basically doing freelancing and bringing awareness to people by promoting various destinations on behalf of tourism boards.


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