Sri Lanka offers free-visa to Indians and other nations in 2020- After Malaysia

Now Sri Lanka brings great news for Indian travelers passionately looking to make their first foreign trip in 2020 by waiving off Rs. 2400 visa fees.

After Malaysia, the Sri Lankan regime had announced to provide a free visa on arrival for Indians and other 49 nations w.e.f from August 2019. However, the government is in the process of drafting this proposal for a free visa scheme to be extended until April 2020. The scheme was earlier announced to promote tourism during the off-season from May-October of the last year, as the country is still trying to recover from the Easter attacks of 2019.

Post April 21, 2019 the country witnessed a steep fall in tourism. The Sri Lankan government has been striving hard since then to maintain the footfall of visitors in the country.

Countries that can benefit from the free-visa scheme without paying $25 fees: India, Malaysia, US, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, and China.

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