Malaysia announces free visa entry to Indians in 2020

Happy new year!

Got up to great news and in fact for many who are longing to travel aboard in 2020. Malaysian now announces a free visa to Indians and Chinese for the whole year of 2020. 

The facility is valid for 15 days by using electronic travel registration and information system. According to the immigration Regulations 1963, the extension beyond 15 days will not be approved.

You can do registration individually or through travel agents and visit Malaysia within three months from the date of your registration. The entry and exit will only take place through authorized airports only. Upon arrival, you are required to submit proof of cash and travel itinerary at the airport.

Malaysia has been luring Indian and Chinese travelers, among the most populated nations in the world to boost tourism and next year the country is going to commence the #visitMalaysia2020 campaign for promoting tourism.

For Kuala Lumpur itinerary visit:

For detailed KLCity reviews visit:

For more visa info visit official portal of the immigration of Malaysia

Use popular hashtags #vm2020, #visitMalaysia2020, #malaysiatrulyasia


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