Why do people burn incense in Thailand?

Answered for Quora

The significance behind burning incense is to purify the surroundings, pleasant smell which awakens the meditative abilities and concentration power. It is to ignite spiritual and intangible experience through the medium of physical senses which is nostrils. Therefore, incenses play a vital role in our spiritual and meditative practices.

For meditation, burning incenses is not needed, but it certainly evokes the feeling of spiritualism among people who are merely living for material well-being or who have poor abilities to concentrate during meditation. To conclude, these incenses have a mesmerizing effect on our brains.

Predominantly, incenses have been used to worship God in the whole of Asia due to the prevalence of Buddhism, which originated in India in the 6th century B.C. Buddhism and Hinduism have common characteristics, so to say worshipping styles.

Thailandians worship Buddhism- In the majority as far I know, so burning incense is an integral part of their spiritual proceedings.


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