Japan visa

Japan is an affordable destination even if you have limited budget. With a little planning in advance it is easier to travel the country than you think. There are a wide variety of budget accommodation, transport passes, sightseeing options and much more. Why not decide visiting one of the most technological advance nation once in a lifetime. Let’s discuss how to procure the Japan visa.

Please Note: Japan consulate is not accepting direct applications in India. You are advised to apply through the VFS.

Visa fees: 1140/– Indian Rupees or $15. VFS Service charge Rs. 650 or $10 and embassy charge Rs. 490 or $7. The fees would be refunded if your visa is not approved. The visa cost will vary depending on your nationality.

Processing time: 4 working days.

Pre- requisites

  1. Passport (with six months of validity). You are required to submit the old passport if you had in the past.
  2. Photocopy of your passport (Front and back pages).
  3. Visa application form. Link: https://www.vfsglobal.com/japan/
  4. Photograph (1 copy, Size 2X2 with white background, Matte or glossy)
  5. Hotel bookings (You may use booking.com. It is not mandatory to have payments made for your hotel).
  6. Day-wise Itinerary and the places you are going to visit during the course of your travel.
  7. Flight reservation with return bookings.
  8. Bank statements for 6 months.
  9. ITR-Return for 3 years (Applicable for job holders only).
  10. Covering letter stating the purpose of your visit.

Please Note: Visa will have 3 months of validity. You are authorized to visit once for 15 days during the period of 3 months.

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