What are the cultural shocks waiting for a strict vegetarian who wants to visit Korea and who is making his maiden foreign visit?

Answered for Quora

Indian food is popular in Korea, perhaps the rising popularity of the country and its tourism among Indians and Koreans. You will see several Indian restaurants to dine in however, it could be an expensive affair due to- Indian food being foreign cuisine. You will spot even Koreans speaking a few words of Hindi working as waiters.

The whole of south-east Asia smells of ocean and seafood. A waft of seafood from the street stalls is common, but I would say, it is still tolerable for vegetarians. Exceptions could be there as well.

They are big on beef which particularly Indians won’t like so it is advised that you carry packed or ready-to-cook meals easily available nowadays. When I travel abroad I carry a large amount of packed food. Bread is easily available everywhere, so I buy some, and rest I survive on fruits and milk.

Some Indian restaurants to try from, while in Seoul.

1. Jyoti Restaurant
2. Gurkha Indian Restaurant
3. Indian Restaurant Chakraa
4. Pooja Restaurant
5. Taj

Once a time or twice dining at Indian restaurants will give you some relief on the palette.


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