How do you plan your budget travels?

Answered for Quora:

  1. Looking for cheapest fares/cheapest months.
  2. Travel during the off-season.
  3. Carrying packed food.
  4. Cheap hotel bookings but hotel location is more important to save on transportation.
  5. Use of travel cards/tourist pass rather than taking taxis. Use of public transport.
  6. The stay should not exceed more than 7–8 days.
  7. Apply for a visa for by yourself rather than relying on agents.
  8. See the opportunity where you can save.
  9. Prepare an itinerary in a specific manner so you know what all places you want to cover in a day closer to each other.
  10. Hitch-hiking or staying in hostels is optional and totally depends on you. It is not always safe and convenient.
  11. Do extensive research before you travel until you have fair idea about the cost of living and where to save it. Right from visiting places to the cost. This really helps.

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