Vietnam Visa


The Vietnam tourist visa is easy to procure and the most recommended way is to get visa-on-arrival. The following are the pre-requisites for the effortless process.

  1. Original passport
  2. Two photographs 4×6 standard
  3. Application form
  4. Invitation letter
  5. Service fee and stamping fee at the time of immigration at the airport.

Vietnam approval/invitation letter

It is presumed that you already have an original passport, however, an invitation letter is mandatory in the whole process of obtaining a Vietnam tourist visa. You can get an invitation letter for $6 (420 Indian rupees) on the link given as under:

Please note: There are several sites claiming to provide invitation letters but many of them actually scamming people. Use the above-validated link. The approval letter is scrutinized by the immigration authorities of Vietnam.

Steps to apply for the invitation letter.

Login to and choose 1 month, single entry with the service fee of $6. Click “Apply now”.

You can make the following highlighted selections depending on the urgency of your requirement. Please remember that the cost of the invitation letter may vary if you want to expedite. For instance, a 1-month single entry is $6 but super urgent will cost you $65. I would advise going for a 1-month single entry visa is issued in 3 working days in $6 or 420 Indian rupees. Therefore, make the following selections above while applying.

After filling up the above page, click “Next step” and select mode of payment shown as under:

Verify your details and make the payment:

Receive payment confirmation:

Approval/invitation letter sample:


Please note: upon arrival at the Vietnam international airport, proceed to Visa-on-arrival counters. You will be asked to fill an application form and submit your documents where you also pay stamping fee. If you already holding a valid visa then proceed straight to immigration counters.

Visa-on-arrival fees at the Vietnam airport:

Please note: The stamping fee is payable by cash at Vietnam airport in Vietnamese Dongs and US dollars (credit cards are not accepted)

Visa stamp at Vietnam airport:


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