Sapsan- Russia

High-Speed bullet train

Sapsan train named after peregrine falcon the fastest animal on earth is a high-speed bullet train that goes between Moscow-Saint Peterburg. Sapan instituted its journey in 2009, enriching the whole traveling experience to the former capital of Russia Saint Petersburg. The distance between both cities is 708 Kms which would otherwise last for 9 hours by other local trains. Sapsan has curtailed the whole duration to 3.5 hours at a speed of 250 km per hour. Formerly known as Leningrad, the journey to Saint Petersburg has never been so convenient since its existence. This has become a fascinating and enticing experience for travelers around the globe, while in Russia.

I took Sapsan from Moscow at 6:50 am on a bright sunny morning from Leningradsky railway station. The check-in was easy and they asked for my passport, immigration form, and the e-ticket. I had pre-booked tickets from Delhi to avoid last-minute hassles through The return fare cost was Rupees 9000 or $126 approx. It jolted my budget-travel plans a bit but the decision was not regrettable when I saw Sapsan bullet train for the first time. The tickets did not have any inclusions such as breakfast which I mentally endured to cover a long-distance journey to Saint Petersburg. I was merely looking forward to more captivating life-experiences. 

Some great views through Sapsan – Moscow-Saint Petersburg


The trains were spotlessly clean and services were impeccable. From proper arrangements to keep luggage to comforting seats and an impressive menu. The train had it all relatively same to flying in an Airbus. All seat types had an individual reading light and foldable tables, however, I was expecting a little more leg space.

I ordered cheese casserole in breakfast for 260 rubles and tomato juice for 100 rubles. If I make you feel the taste and the quality, it was hot, sweet, and a little sour in taste which worked great with some tomato juice. By all means, the food was freshly served and outstanding. 

You can choose from economy to business class. Most travelers choose an economy class. Business-class is extra comforting equipped with conference cabins, newspapers and well-served snacks. For more info visit

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