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How is it going?

This is Aseem Bhardwaj. Welcome to the world of a young 35 years old lad. If you desire know about me, then certainly you can, though I am yet to find myself. The time is passing by, engendering a feeling to rush and actualize my dreams, but then I suddenly halt for a while, completely mesmerized to see the exquisitely colossal world. 

Why was universe created? Before I unravel any mystery, all my inquiries have converged over time, inducing me to travel the globe. I love to explore places which are unknown to me or never been under my foot-steps. It is my passion and interest to find commonalities in this massive diversity of the world and have a common message for everyone.  

I have been following various travel programs on television and the internet for over two decades now, awakening the desire to host a travel show one day. The advent of new technologies has helped me tremendously and my passion quenched the thirst to be the one by starting this blog. Yes, This is the wandering man, I am your Google local guide and an aspiring blogger.

  Airlines have revolutionized the whole traveling experience by offering affordable ticket prices and attractive discounts to people. Consequently, India has acquired the third position in the aviation sector globally, by building up strong customer database and smart pricing strategies. It has become a hope to aspiring travelers, backpackers, vagabonds to wander places amid their chaotic and stressful lifestyle. On the other hand, various countries are slashing visa fees, altering immigration norms, thus forming a convergence of travelers around the globe.

During course of my travels, I had several pleasant and awkward experiences which encouraged me to compose reviews about the places I visited. I wish I could share reviews on the previously traveled countries but I had no idea I would start blogging one day. 🙂

After slogging through work, who do not wish to spend leisurely time in the lap of nature, wandering through the streets of Europe, back alleys of Asia, and surreal landscapes of the world. Therefore, I intend to guide budget solo travelers and even families longing to travel.

The thewanderingman.in precisely covers:

  • ReviewsGet an overview of the place you intent to visit. This is not explaining the history but what you can do at present.
  • ItineraryPrint the itinerary in PDF format and use it while traveling as an important reference document. Analyse what all activities you can do based on your number of days of stay in a country.
  • Budget- Get budget tips and plan where you can save.
  • VisaLearn how to apply for a visa- Pre-requisites and the overall process.
  • RecommendationsUse things which are more precise and cost-effective.
  • PhotographyEnjoy the pictures and imagine the moment you could be in.
  • Backpacking essentials- Learn what all essentials you need as a traveler and prepare a checklist.
  • Resources- Make your travel safe and smooth. Some good to know information.

Thank you very much!

Aseem Bhardwaj

You can reach me at contactaseem@thewanderingman.in

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